26 November 2011

Willow and Water

The pattern of willows against the dark water caught my eye, reminding me of graceful Asian scroll paintings.  Rainy late-October weather provided lush lighting for a gorgeous walk along the Bitterroot River on the west edge of Hamilton, MT.
Can anyone provide a more vivid artwork example than the two links above?

25 November 2011

Beetling Down the Deadwood

Anyone know what kind of beetle we have here?
My niece, M., noticed it while we hiked earlier this fall along Mill Creek, east of Corvallis, MT.

24 November 2011

Fall and Winter Merger, Kelly Island Fishing Access, Missoula MT

A friend who knows outdoorsy things once enlightened me that the river is very, very cold when ice forms the way you see in this photo.  Not a comforting thing to remember as I stepped - very carefully -  a few feet down the snow-sheeted boat ramp to frame this shot at Kelly Island Fishing Access.

Anybody have specifics of what the water temperature might be? The air had to be below 20 degrees F because it was only 23 degrees later in the day. (And you rightly ask, WHAT was she doing outside?)

23 November 2011

Blodgett Canyon Chipmunk, West of Hamilton, MT

Awwwww... isn't he cute? I made a stab at chipmunk talk, & this little guy kept coming closer. Maybe I was actually chirping something useful about a stash of nuts hidden near Blodgett Creek?

22 November 2011

Canadian Geese Grazing, Missoula MT

So, does the fact that they're CANADIAN Geese contribute to their ability to sit around in a field when it's only 15 degrees Fahrenheit?  The only reason I'd sit in the cold is to watch a hockey game.

21 November 2011

Missoula Barbershop At Rest for the Night

This closed barbershop caught my eye during an evening stroll in downtown Missoula, Montana.  I appreciate the directness of the chairs & sink fixtures, the tidy white smock hung up, signalling a day's work done.

20 November 2011

Winter Has Arrived in Missoula

Well, the weather outside wasn't frightful, just pretty cold! At least it kept the neighborhood watch from coming outside to tell me to move my car out of the No Parking zone...& this is why there are no specifics of this location!