21 July 2020

Light Bright Leaf - Missoula, Montana

“Innovation is not born from the dream; innovation is born from the struggle.
 Innovation, at its core, is not simply about building the future; innovation is about solving problems in the present.”

20 July 2020

Weed Puff Magic - Pattee Canyon Trail, Missoula, Montana

As much as I abhor noxious weedspread, I do love me the magical sight of a giant puffball seedhead, especially so glowingly backlit by Montana evening sunshine. 
(For viewing only, of course! My responsible (aka boooring?!) adult self engaged in a homeground war-on-weeds is not inclined to blow forth an oversize dandelion-ish puff, as my 5-year-old self certainly would have while defiantly hollering, "Bring on the magic wishes, weed torrent be danged!"  Okay, maybe not that last part, but definitely yes on the wish magic. 
Sadly, researching for text links revealed that a truly responsible adult would pull it up by the roots and schlep it to appropriate disposal, as this Western salsify is on Montana's noxious weed list. Who knew hopeful wish-puffs could grow up to be such serious business?!)