12 August 2020

One Daisy - Teller Trail at Teller Wildlife Refuge, Corvallis, Montana

"...the infinite wealth of Christ’s infinite heart is thine today as though the sun should shine to light one firefly, or the Amazon flow to water the roots of one daisy."   - F.B. Meyer (1847-1929) from The Love Of Christ, Which Passeth Knowledge



11 August 2020

Ponderosa Pine-ing For Good Vanilla - The Teller Trail, Bitterroot River, Corvallis, Montana

 Sister Three did not believe (read: she snorted a laugh) when I declared: "Some ponderosa pines smell like really, really good vanilla." The gauntlet thrown, I immediately spied a turnout near a likely specimen - and converted her by truth evidenced (amidst continued giggling because  other laid-back drivers passed by and we did, indeed, look silly leaning in close to sniff the craggy, russet bark). Hurrah for random weird and happy things worth knowing!