30 December 2011

Red Bridge Over the River, Missoula Montana

Once in a while on my weekly drive north up US Hwy 93 to Missoula, Montana, the thought of trading scenery for traffic is particularly abhorrent.

(Yes, city mouse, I heard your loud - albeit squeaky - guffaw, “Traffic! That isn’t traffic!“, and I realize that, compared to larger cities, Missoula has no traffic. However, this is my monologue, so I beg your indulgence, knowing you protest because you are slightly jealous.)

29 December 2011

Don't Fence Me In - Lewistown, Montana

I am supremely happy when a photo turns out just the way I want it, without any tweaking after the shutter flips. And it’s even better to be rewarded with such a shot after not talking yourself out of stopping in the middle of a snowstorm while driving to visit family in Lewistown, Montana.

28 December 2011

Marriage of Convenience

Being a college town, Missoula, Montana, has a lot of bicycles in services as a primary mode of transportation, even during the winter. This old iron fence hasn’t gone anywhere in decades & makes for a safe place to lock up.

27 December 2011

Water Under the Bridge

In his lovely collection of Montana photos & essays, “I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River, Reflections on Family, Photography, and Fly-Fishing“, Henry Winkler shares his fascination for reflections as a photography subject. I understand the appeal; often, a reflection brings close the best elements of the day - blue sky, wistful clouds, snow.

26 December 2011

Old Trees Basking in the Sun

It seems as if the ancient poplars are reaching to be swept up by the same breeze that raked fingertips through the clouds.

25 December 2011

View West of Hamilton, Montana

On Thursday’s lunch break, I stopped at our local Allegra Printing office; behold, the view that graced their parking lot! A white Christmas may bypass the valley floor, but a 10 minute drive brings it up close & personal. When in Montana, if you ever need a reminder of what you’re thankful for, just take a look around.