12 July 2013

The Pollinator, Hamilton, Montana

You’ve heard of the Terminator; well, this little guy is the Pollinator. Check out those golden pollen pockets on his legs! (Or is he wearing cargo pants?)

The snapdragons at our little Hamilton house have once again sprung up in all their self-seeding glory. As I watered and dead-headed last week, I caught sight of a couple bees going about their busy-ness.
If you ever see a snapdragon bloom quiver, wait and watch. Chances are, you’ll soon see a bee scoot out backwards, then buzz along to the next flower, wiggle his way in, and carry on the process.

My neighbor recently shared a cute story: her toddler grandson opened the snapdragons to help the bees get out of the flower. Unfortunately, the bee stung him on his tiny finger. But funny enough, the same exact thing happened to his mother when she was that same age!

11 July 2013

Nice Kitty, Missoula, Montana

Kitty say, “Hakuna Matata - or else!”

If we’re talking about neighborhood walks, alley rambles are the best kind. Back yards tend to be much more interesting and unfettered than their tidier street front counterparts. And the very back of back yards, up against the alley, are almost like a soul window. Sometimes the view reads as a sad commentary, but very often it offers a playful and caring glimpse of the dwellers therein. This ferocious kitty’s people crafted imaginative areas to keep their felines safe from a nearby busy street while granting plenty of outdoor access for exercise - or not exercise.

10 July 2013

Cat Days of Summer, Missoula, Montana

While it may be wise to let sleeping dogs lie, definitely don’t mess with Tigger.
He’s claimed these dog days of summer as his own, to do as he jolly well pleases…which isn’t much.
Nice work, if you can get it.

09 July 2013

Remarkable Promise, Missoula, Montana

I love the promise of a not-quite-unfurled blossom.
It’s akin to a backstage pass to a main-stage event - you know the show will be fabulous, but you’re given a special glimpse of the agonizing work and patience required before the stage lights go up full force.

08 July 2013

Dreamy Lavender, Missoula, Montana

I was so happy to see I captured a dreamy quality in this photo, particularly in the background.
Hmm, dreamy….they say lavender does that to you.

Have you ever looked at a word and know it's spelled correctly, but it just doesn't look right, so you doubt? As I type today's comments, I'm having this very issue with the word "lavender". I love lavender - I rely on its qualities for calming, antibacterial-ness and bug deterrence. And I know how to spell it correctly. So what is the deal on this particular day?  If anyone has insight into this phenomenon, please, do tell.

07 July 2013

Squirrelly, Missoula, Montana

The sight of these giant squirrels set me to stirring up a justifiably indignant pot of squirrel hatred. Obviously, such a dish must be shared, so I sent the pic to our kid, with the text, “Creepy - Giant squirrels!”. She texted back, “Those are kangaroos”. Oh. What else to say but, Turn off the burner, Dinah, and get out of the kitchen!
And isn’t that often how it goes - we get all worked up about something, only to find we’ve misinterpreted the “tail”. This is where living AND learning is a good thing to embrace.
(To review why my ire ignites so readily against the bushy-tailed rodents, check out this earlier post.)