25 January 2014

Blue Sky Smiling, Missoula, Montana

"Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see...

I was blue, just as blue as I could be
Ev'ry day was a cloudy day for me
Then good luck came a-knocking at my door
Skies were gray but they're not gray anymore...

I should care if the wind blows east or west
I should fret if the worst looks like the best
I should mind if they say it can't be true
I should smile, that's exactly what I do..."

- Lyrics by Irving Berlin

Click here to listen to Ella Fitzgerald sing this as only The First Lady of Song can.

(And a big thanks to Spectrum Window Cleaning for the squeaky clean workday view!)

24 January 2014

Seasons Collide, Hamilton, Montana

"The seasons collide,
The order of hours is unsure.
Winter has just departed,
recalcitrant snows hiding
holding onto unwary backyards...

The sense of seasons
has been undone...

And so the pattern of my life
has gone awry;
antemeridian is uncertain,
hours and seasons askew..."
- Jackie Wattenberg, from "The Seasons Collide"

Read the entire lovely poem here.

23 January 2014

Evening Sky, Sealy Lake, Montana

“Through the wide-open window he could see the evening sky, still grey but faintly luminous and streaked with level cloud. No rain in that sky; only an echo of the peace that held the world in this contented quiet.”
- Josephine Tey, from “The Singing Sands”,

22 January 2014

Good Day For A Cozy Book, East Missoula, Montana

“The cold struck him like a blow in the face and he began to shiver uncontrollably….
He stumbled up the steps and across the bridge….They were all wrong about hell, he thought. Hell wasn’t a nice cosy place where you fried. Hell was a great cold echoing cave where there was neither past nor future; a black, echoing desolation. Hell was concentrated essence of a winter morning after a sleepless night of self-distaste.” 

- Josephine Tey, from “The Singing Sands”, p. 12

Today’s quote is not meant as a focus on the macabre or depressing, but rather to share an appreciation for the keen descriptive skill of a new-to-me author, Josephine Tey
I’ve been enjoying her mystery fiction of this past week, specifically a couple books in the Inspector Alan Grant series.

In “The Singing Sands”, I’m particularly intrigued by her sensitive portrayal of panic attacks in an era when one didn’t talk of such “weakness” but braved through as best they could, on their own, the fear that no one would understand - particularly if one were a male police inspector. If I hadn’t noted of the 1951 copyright (little obscure detail freak that I am), I’d have thought her views were coloured by current research and the internet’s readily available information.

May 2014 bring us serendipitous discovery of many more good reads!

21 January 2014

Sparkled Curves, Hamilton, Montana

Fan-Piece, For Her Imperial Lord

O Fan of white silk,
clear as frost on the grass-blade,
You also are laid aside.

- Ezra Pound (1885 - 1972)

20 January 2014

River Ice, Hamilton, Montana

A juxtaposition of river ice and sunshine made for a beautiful shoreline ramble along the Bitterroot River.