28 January 2012

Hieronymous Park Canal, Hamilton, Montana

If you visit Hamilton, Montana, plan a stroll through Hieronymous Park, and bring your lunch - just across the bridge is a picnic table, near the fish pond.

27 January 2012

River Access, Hamilton, Montana

Squint a little at the upper right quadrant & you’ll see cattails, which hint that this ditch ends in a backwater of the Bitterroot River.

26 January 2012

Winter Sluice Gate, Hamilton, Montana

Water to many ditches is cut off at summer’s end, but this branch retained enough to create pleasing reflections and ice patterns.

25 January 2012

Homesteader Hope, Missoula, Montana

Irrigation ditches have been the lifeblood for generations in many Montana counties, bringing a coveted resource within reach. In “Prairie Nocturne“, Ivan Doig touches on the importance of these manmade waterways. Since they’re often picturesque, I’ll feature a few in series this week.

24 January 2012

Elk Sightings, Grantsdale, Montana

Even after receiving a heads up about an elk herd at Grantsdale Cutoff, I turned the corner & said out loud - to myself - , “Whoa! They’re right there!”. And apparently are unconcerned about the frequent traffic on Skalkaho Road, which borders both sides of the pasture.
We figured the landowner got tired of repairing fence, seeing as how the gate was left wide open.

23 January 2012

Takes A Licking....

I’m not sure about this retro clock, but the stove it’s attached to still cooks it up at the East Missoula Fire Hall. This was thee epitome of stylish technology back in grandma's day.

22 January 2012

We May Be Looking Into Idaho...

Just moving down the road a little bit, or a new slant of sunlight, gives you a brand new view of the mountains outside Hamilton, Montana.