16 August 2014

Deep Thoughts, Missoula, Montana

Deep thoughts suitable for a rainwashed evening river walk - or for anytime, for that matter.

15 August 2014

High Adventure - Parasailing Missoula, Montana

Another guest blog - woohoo! - I’m on a roll!

When he’s not keeping our corner of the cyberworld humming, Mark Stricklin ambles about Missoula, Montana, to see what he can see that‘s not like anything back home in Texas.

He recently hiked up to the very top of Mount Sentinel - up past the iconic “M” - just in time to get this photo.
Thanks for hustling, Mark, and for sharing the eagle view.

13 August 2014

Intermission, Missoula, Montana

Instruments unattended, thousands of spectators focused on their individual conversations....
the symphony's intermission is fair game for the (odd) photographer’s crave after shapes and pattern.

12 August 2014

Curvaceous, Missoula, Montana

Sunday evening’s Missoula Symphony performance in Caras Park was a feast for the eyes as well as for the ears and soul. Shapely curves and rectangles, shimmers of summer light off brass and polished wood, with a finale of gilded sunset overtones.

11 August 2014

Done Trucking, Missoula, Montana

Imagine the stories this old truck could tell from back when a two-digit phone number connected you to your rural Montana neighbors. The times, they are still a-changing; the state’s timber industry is vastly altered, and the roads this rig delivered lumber along are long since widened and paved. But Montana’s big sky is still covers the single 406 area code.

10 August 2014

Minty 3 - And That's All, Missoula, Montana

Last - but not necessarily least. 
(Any rankings are left to the viewers' individual preferences.)

I hope you enjoyed these intimate minty views (perhaps inti-minty? snort!), breathed in the violet hues of dusk, and sensed the air cooling slightly as evening softly tiptoed in.