14 June 2014

Kitty Bistro, Missoula, Montana

Note To Self: Don’t argue with this Stripy Cat about his right to save seats or lay where he will. Beneath that urban kitty fur beats the heart of a Siberian tiger - he moves swiftly and will show his teeth when annoyed. 
Plus, he has thumbs - albeit comparatively small and furry, but still adding powerful thumbs-up to his swat.

13 June 2014

Urban Sheep Herd, Missoula, Montana

Thing I Love About Missoula #137 : You truly never know what you’ll see around the next bend.
I’ve heard ("herd" - hah!) that shepherds are contracted to graze their flocks on some public lands because the sheep eat and thrive on noxious weeds. The bucolic scene is delightfully completed by the
large white sheepdog to front left of the cozy caravan aka vardo, whose name depends on any preferred region.)

Love it when nature and nurture work together!

12 June 2014

Sunny Disposition, Missoula, Montana

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I have a wildly sunny disposition. I love to laugh." 
- Daniel Gilbert, Social Psychologist, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University (b.1957)

Yah gotta love "wildly sunny" - Click on the text links in this post for more from Daniel Gilbert.

11 June 2014

Overhead Danger, Missoula, Montana

On the subject of overhead birds, this I wonder: How can three days of intermittent rain not be enough to wash the bird splotch off my driver’s side car window?
It’s a recurring terror: each time I shoulder check, there’s a heart-stopping nano-second when said splotch masquerades as a white car in my blind spot.

Of course, the moment of alarm passes, and I forget about this little problem - until the next driving jaunt.
If I were smart, or was in a moment of focus beyond that of a gnat, I‘d water up a paper towel right now & take care of this business.

But where’s the fun in that?

10 June 2014

Wee Mousie Bouquet, Missoula,Montana

With a circumference slightly larger than a quarter, this clustered bloom is perfect for a wee mousie’s formal June bouquet. 

(Note: If you're a lover of little things and are short on time, a search for "wee mousie" is a dangerous thing. Click on the text links to see a few of my favourite hits.)

09 June 2014

Buttercups, Corvallis, Montana

Irrigation ditches still boast the cheer of hardy buttercups.
Persistent joy graces humble places.

08 June 2014

Graduate, Missoula, Montana

The day a beloved child graduates - this is when you really start to sound like your parents, saying things your younger self knew were ridiculous and would never would leap over your teeth like a panicked sheep leaping the fence. (You fill in the blanks.)
And so the legacy continues - another generation rolls their eyes at the embarrassing sentimental pap that passes as appropriate graduation day conversation amongst the elders. (But, being the subject of this reminiscence, they secretly revel in the attention.) And sufficiently down the road, they understand their parents as the timeworn forsworn phrases fly from their own mouths.