10 June 2014

Wee Mousie Bouquet, Missoula,Montana

With a circumference slightly larger than a quarter, this clustered bloom is perfect for a wee mousie’s formal June bouquet. 

(Note: If you're a lover of little things and are short on time, a search for "wee mousie" is a dangerous thing. Click on the text links to see a few of my favourite hits.)


  1. Such perfection. What type of blossom is this wee bouquet?

  2. The expert tells me these are on a summer wine ninebark. Coppertina ninebarks also grow nearby but they don’t produce those sweeping branches with the flower clusters.
    I may have to get me some of these in the backyard to buffer from the neighbors - they grow nicely in the eastside shade of our office building.


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