14 June 2012

Ball Bag, Osprey Stadium, Missoula, Montana

This has no deep meaning; I am not a particular fan - I just liked the contrast of the colours. While I do not understand the nuances of baseball, Ollie Osprey (mascot) is fun, I always cheer for camaraderie‘s sake, and I appreciate the time available for random photos.

13 June 2012

Old Courthouse At Dusk, Kalispell MT

The old Courthouse in Kalispell, Montana, is hard to miss if you go into town, since traffic splits directions to go around it.  I always feel like it's the grand welcome to the historic downtown.

12 June 2012

Where the Buffalo Roam, Lolo, Montana

Sing it with me, now: "Hoooome, home on the range!...."This Lolo, Montana, bison herd is one of the sights to be seen any day of the week. 
One Friday evening, coincidentally just as I was coming around the curve where this herd is pastured, I heard this Groaner Friday joke on SOS Radio:
Q: What did the daddy buffalo say to his calf who was leaving for school?
A: Bi-son!

11 June 2012

White Birches Green Grass, Missoula, Montana

Ahhh, the lovely coolness of white birches & green, green grass!  This looks to be the perfect place to have a picnic, or read a book - except I'm sure the grass is rife with weed-busting chemicals. Sigh.  But the birch-grass combo does add a lovely aspect to a stroll to Hastings for coffee.