15 June 2018

Shadow Kin - Missoula, Montana

"Hard is hard - there is no measuring stick - 
and sadness too often comes right in as
the shadow kin of joy."
-From The Forbidden Garden by Ellen Herrick, page 78

14 June 2018

On Breathing Dust - Roadside in Missoula, Montana

"He knew he was in the presence of two Eldila.... "Look on him , beloved, and love him", said the first. 
"He is indeed but breathing dust and a careless touch would unmake him." "
-from Perelandra, by C. S. Lewis, transition into Ch 16

 Crouched at the edge of the road (&, yes, paying attention so as not to get run over!), I think, "How much more fragile are we, with all our complex internal systems grounded in original dust, than this tiny, intricate winged creature come to rest on the edge of a mud puddle?".

13 June 2018

Flying Garden Guests - Missoula, MT

Omigosh - please be distracted with me and go play the June 10, 2018, Google Doodle game!

Airborne garden gnomes and a trebuchet  - what’s not to love?!
(Besides my high score of 811 - & that with the biggest gnome of them all!)
Click here - and kiss the next 20 minutes goodbye....

Now every day can be Gardening Day - and not just in Germany!