28 September 2013

AM Push Button, Missoula, Montana

Continue our trip down Back-in-the-Day Lane in a
‘64 Ford Falcon: Remember when push buttons worked the radio - AND the headlight dim/bright setting?

27 September 2013

Triangulation, 64 Ford Falcon Style, Missoula, Montana

A few weeks back, I waxed sentimental about triangle vent windows in the front doors of old cars. Well, the big secret is out - just last night!- so I finally have clearance to reference the source of this nostalgia fit: 
    Some say there is nothing quite so easy on the eyes as a 1964 Ford Falcon (with the post).

Stay tuned for more luscious views in days to come.
And let brotherly love continue.

(Patience, grasshopper. You’ll hear the whole story in good time.)

River Inukshuk, Missoula, Montana

My river bank angle presents a side view, but I think river travellers approaching this rock stack from the front see the third rock up extend out to the sides like arms, in the style of a traditional inukshuk.

26 September 2013

Water Water, Missoula, Montana

Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink….” 

Someone complained today about the unrelenting rain. Possibly someone  who fretted until last week about the ubiquitous forest fire smoke - which, thanks to the rain, is now fully cleared away. 

So, I said, "Quit your whining and be thankful you’re not still sucking ashes." 

KIDDING!  In loving memory of my gracious mother, I defaulted to polite, and merely mentioned the silver lining of no more smoke. 

But he stuck to his story.
So, what to say next? Nothing. Whiners gonna whine. And I have things to do.

25 September 2013

The Fallen, Missoula, Montana

Few things intrigue me faster than an uncontrived still-life, particularly if crouching is required to gain a good angle (let‘s hear a “hurrah!” for long-torso shirts!). In this case, we see a triumvirate of the small fallen - leaves, raindrops, and petals - glorying in their barked domain beneath the front entry shrub. May they always agree so pleasantly.

24 September 2013

Last Hurrah 2, Missoula, Montana

The threat of rain won’t keep the fearless Wild Weenie away! 
Once again, our grilling superhero nourished participants in Sunday's Dress For Success Missoula fundraiser and family fun day. Entertainment highlights included the sultry blues of Three Eared Dog and magical lemon illusions by Evan Disney.

23 September 2013

Roots, Stevensville, Montana

Roots and reflections, reflections on our roots…whether you’re enjoying the outdoor variety, or the view within your soul, I’m sure it’s time well spent.  

The wonder of our personal individuality is well-illustrated by photos of the same subject taken by different people. During a walk along the Bitterroot River, my oldest sister noticed this gnarled and weathered tree root. Her pictures were engaging and gorgeous, but featured entirely different perspectives and focal points than in my shots.  

We’ve all been given eyes to see, and our outlook becomes more uniquely beautiful with each day we collect experience. Sometimes what we notice is to share with others, for their benefit. And other views are just for us, to hold close to our heart. Either way, life is for living and learning, whether in the seemingly little or the grand things.  Keep your eyes wide open.

22 September 2013

Squared, Missoula International Airport, Missoula, Montana

Sometimes it pays to listen to your very own whippersnapper, as they often notice amazing things. Such as, when they encourage you to be in the now crowd and upgrade to iO7. Even better, when they say, “You should take a picture of that.” - which is exactly why I have this lofty view of an entry tower ceiling at the Missoula International Airport. Thanks, Delightful Daughter. I love that you appreciate quirky things.