23 September 2013

Roots, Stevensville, Montana

Roots and reflections, reflections on our roots…whether you’re enjoying the outdoor variety, or the view within your soul, I’m sure it’s time well spent.  

The wonder of our personal individuality is well-illustrated by photos of the same subject taken by different people. During a walk along the Bitterroot River, my oldest sister noticed this gnarled and weathered tree root. Her pictures were engaging and gorgeous, but featured entirely different perspectives and focal points than in my shots.  

We’ve all been given eyes to see, and our outlook becomes more uniquely beautiful with each day we collect experience. Sometimes what we notice is to share with others, for their benefit. And other views are just for us, to hold close to our heart. Either way, life is for living and learning, whether in the seemingly little or the grand things.  Keep your eyes wide open.


  1. Beautifully capturing a wonderful evening.

    1. Definitely a treasured visit - goofy people photos and all!


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