10 March 2012

Sentinel of the Bosky Draw, Corvallis, Montana

Cottonwoods love to have their feet near water. We spied this bosky stand while walking along the road above a natural depression that features a seasonal pond, which will soon be filling up.
(Bosky - it's even fun to say.)

09 March 2012

Landing Pad, Hieronymous Park, Hamilton, Montana

This is classic Montana outdoors - Canadian geese coming in overhead for a landing.
I was absorbed,listening & watching, then suddenly realized - hello! perfect photo opportunity!
Even sweeter, to my sensibilities, is that my only edit was a small crop.

08 March 2012

Fuzzy Green Plant, Hieronymous Park, Hamilton, Montana

Even though the sun has been beaming brightly, it's still a little nippy out - good reason for this early arrival to have it's fuzzy on!

07 March 2012

Twiggy, Bitterroot River, Corvallis, Montana

Slatey rocks, red twigs, golden grasses, calm water, distant wonder I always feel calmer after walking at the Teller Wildlife Refuge.

06 March 2012

Waiting for Spring,Teller Wildlife Refuge, Corvallis, Montana

Meandering along what could be a deer trail brought me to this mostly dry run-off channel near the Bitterroot River.
During spring melt, excess water searches for paths of least resistance and drastically changes the river bottom landscape.

05 March 2012

Frozen Angles, Bitterroot River, Corvallis, Montana

After the balmy spring-caliber day we had Sunday, this setting is most likely a small pond now.
And the ice fishing season will prob’ly wind down in a hurry. But you can prolong the winter joy by listening here to this funny 80's song re-make posted last week by the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

04 March 2012

Bitterroot Views, Teller Wildlife Refuge, Woodside, Montana

I figure I have another month where I can tromping around on the rocks by the river without having to worry about disturbing snakes beneath my feet. (Trust me, this is a little unnerving.)