30 November 2013

Happenstance Sky, Missoula, Montana

“Now some folks call it fickle fate
And some folks call it chance,

While others just accept it
As a pleasant

From “Not By Chance Nor Happenstance” by Helen Steiner Rice
(Read the full poem

The happenstance (it's fun to say, you must admit) of this photo was the shutter going off as I checked for dust - voila! - a shot I would not have had otherwise, and of one of my favourite subjects, to boot!

29 November 2013

Imagined Holiday Travel Conversations, Missoula, Montana

Imagined Holiday Travel Conversation From Our Featured Leaves: 

"Did you not hear me practically shouting, ‘Portage! Portage!’, before that last exit? 
Well, keep hanging onto that rock until we can safely catch the next eddy out of here. 
Maybe we'll still make it home in time for Downton Abbey."

Brief silence.

"Do we have any leftover pie?"

28 November 2013

Blue Mountain Sunset, Missoula, Montana

Pining for a sunset view? Montana is stocked up on this particular panacea, free for the taking. 

Combined with a little fresh air exercise, you have a prescription for most anything that ails.

For this - along with pumpkin pie and family and a multitude of other unmerited blessings - we are thankful.

27 November 2013

Mountain Shadows, Missoula, Montana

A fair percentage of Missoula’s winter forecast parses down to “Rain in the valley, snow in the hills“. 

Of course, technically, it’s still autumn until December 21st - small comfort, but it keeps me hopeful for a delay in the coldest weather and a white Christmas in the nick of time.

25 November 2013

Determined Optimism, Missoula, Montana

There’s a slim chance the next line in this story is,”You’re it!” - but realistically, the ant is probably determined toward a different goal. Poor gnat.

Catherine Marie Buchanan’s novel, The Painted Girls, the middle sister struggles with optimism for a different future. “For a tiny instant, I worried about wanting so much, about greediness, but Maman drained her bottle of absinthe, and hopelessness was the reason why.”

Hope is worth holding tight to, worth every single reminder to keep it alive in your heart, and worth dispensing without reservation.