13 July 2020

Big Sky Bluebird House - Pattee Canyon Trail, Missoula, Montana

Bluebird nestboxes, to me, are a happy reminder of my lovely mum, who was a bit of a devotee in her later years (albeit, her enthusiasm extended a tad far with one or two boxes, er, "found" on backroad meanders with Papa...!). She certainly reaped the ensuing enjoyment of these brightly feathered friends as noted in this quote:
“...everyone's first nestbox is the opportunity to attract that first pair of bluebirds. Then, if they know what to do after the birds show up, a potential life-long relationship with nature can begin.”  - Kenny Kleinpeter, LBBS, 2007

(Note: That Big Sky blue sky is un-retouched by any photo editing! Daily amazement just outside the door - and a fabulous valley view, too!)