07 April 2012

Bitterroot River, Sinuous Roots, Woodside, Montana - Colour

The amazing thing about this view at the Woodside Cutoff river access - as with so many in Montana - is that you can be dazzled without even having to leave the parking lot.
And, in case you wonder, yes, the slanting sun slathered on all that glorious gold in real life.

So, now that you can view both the colour and B&W versions, "What did this do to you? Tell me. And remember, this is for posterity so be honest. How do you feel? " - Count Rugen

06 April 2012

Bitterroot River, Sinuous Roots, Woodside, Montana - BW

For you detail folk, please don't get hung up thinking this shot needs straightening; I obsessed enough for both of us and the far trees are vertical when lined up to a grid. Just enjoy the sinuous curves pulling you in further.
Since I couldn’t decide between a black-and-white or full colour version, you’ll also get to see the colour rendition, if you tune in tomorrow (same bat-time, same bat-channel).
(Pretty please, say you will.)

03 April 2012

Crocus Basking, Hamilton, MT

Coincidentally, you see this last crocus photo as the real blooms in my yard fade, yielding to other spring growth. (Tomorrow, same bat-time, same bat-channel.)

02 April 2012

Open, Crocus, Hamilton, Montana

These little flowers keep making me think of the vulnerableness of our hearts.
We want to open our hearts to what will heal & comfort us, encourage & cause us to grow in good ways. But sometimes that comes about by the experience of discomfort, of being disturbed.
Think of how these tender, silken blooms started their ascent to the air - by venturing into the dark beyond the cozy cocoon of their bulb, pushing through who-knew-what-on-earth to access the fresh air, sunlight - and rain, snow, and wind, and invasion of their personal space by people with cameras.

01 April 2012

As they slowly unfold their tender petals & vulnerable core each morning, I think flowers remind us to let Love mend our worries & cast away fear, that we would open our hearts even if we're not yet bold.
(& there's no "April Fool's!" waiting in the wings.)