19 May 2012

Freewheeling Violets, Missoula, Montana

During a front-yard chat earlier this week, my neighbour called these violets; and here I always thought they were an invasive weed with pretty purple flowers. Either way, they add vibrancy along the side path to the garage, and so they’re welcome to stay - unless they start hogging too much space. (I can hear the vinca now: "Hey! She's touching my side of the flower bed!")

18 May 2012

Retired Tyres, Missoula, Montana

The photography people advise to always carry your camera with you, as you never know when you’ll see something interesting, and how sad to miss a dandy shot for mere lack of foresight? I recently found that packing your camera can save you from boredom when you wait at the windshield repair shop to prevent potential hooligans from looting equipment through the busted side window of the Mr.’s van.

17 May 2012

Maple Green Details, Missoula, Montana

One result of posting a daily photo is that I notice more detail in my daily surroundings, such as how spring greening and budding is spaced out over a fair stretch of time. The tint of these maple leaves is still brightly new, yet other tree leaves have already progressed to deeper verde hues. A distance of merely 45 miles may also affect timing; when the grape hyacinths in our Missoula yard were fully blown, the ones at our Hamilton cottage still tightly clasped their buds.

16 May 2012

Our neighbor's Penny Cat could sing along with Sam Cooke, "...summertime, and the living's easy....". She pops over to schmooze, snack, and sleep - pretty much what our Tigger does at their's a lovely, sympathetic neighborhood.

15 May 2012

Fritillaria Finale, Hamilton, Montana

The fabulous, albeit smelly, fritillaria attained full-bloom early last week.
Their flamboyant visuals win over the smell - plus it's rumoured that they keeps furry friends out of the flower bed.

14 May 2012

Stormy Sky, Stevensville, Montana

Stormy weather makes for an almost startling green in the meadows of the Bitterroot Valley. If you drive through, make sure you venture up a few cutoff roads like Bell Crossing & Victor Crossing; the roadside scenery is splendid.

13 May 2012

Brick Wall, Missoula, Montana

Ummmm... just realized today is Mother's Day in the United States & Canada, and some might wonder, "What's with the bricks on Mother's Day?". Well, maybe the song "Brick House" was running through my head? But maybe I'm reaching....