30 March 2013

Dewdroprism, Corvallis, Montana

If you're ever out hiking and desperately miss your velveteen bunny rabbit, a fuzzy leaf of Common Mullein will stand in as an emergency substitute. ("I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him....") More commonly, mullein is used as a medicinal poultice and brewed in a tea to treat varied respiratory complaints. (And some promote it's qualities for an even more common purpose as, ahem, shall we say cowboy papier de toilette.)

29 March 2013

Skyscape 3, Stevensville, Montana

“In the Delta, most of the world seemed sky. The clouds were large - larger than horses or houses, larger than boats or churches or gins, larger than anything except the fields the Fairchilds planted.” - Eudora Welty, “Delta Wedding”, page 4

28 March 2013

Commuter View, Eastside Highway, Corvallis, Montana

Yes, this is a prime example of why many people trade in ready access to opera and shopping for shorter commutes with a world-class Montana view. Just play it safe and come armed with an income not dependent on the local economy.

27 March 2013

Skyscape 2, Stevensville, Montana

"Thoughts went out of her head and the landscape filled it."
- Eudora Welty, "Delta Wedding", p.4, 1946 hardcover edition

My sister emailed from Asia yesterday specifically to check up on me. Since I haven't posted comments beneath this week's photos, she wanted to be sure I was okay.  (Kind of her to not phrase her concern more at, "I've never known you at a loss for words - you should check your temperature!" But that's not her usual style - my sisters are grand humourists, but they default to sincere kindness.)

The Eudora Welty quote is a fitting answer to her sisterly query. 
It perfectly describes a common mental state in Montana.
When - not "if"!- you come visit, you'll see what I mean.