13 December 2014

Radial Pine Patterns - Greenough Park, Missoula, Montana

The radial twist of these deadfall limbs was more apparent when it was right in front of me, but contrast patterns still abound betwixt sun, snow and shadows.

12 December 2014

11 December 2014

Winter Red - Missoula, Montana

“Incomparable beauty, the snow
If only it could wait until the autumn leaves fall”

-From English translations of Waka Poems by Minosuke Noguchi (1875-1972).
Noguchi immigrated from Japan to the U.S. in 1898; for 42 years, he farmed in northeast Colorado, then moved in 1948 with his wife to upstate New York.
Click here to read more of his calm thoughts, plus a bit more about this poetry form.

10 December 2014

Unexpected Greens - Missoula, Montana

“The real enemies of our life are the 'oughts' and the 'ifs.'
They pull us backward into the unalterable past and forward into the unpredictable future.
But real life takes place in the here and now." - Henri Nouwen (1932-1996)

09 December 2014

Streaming Tree Shadows - Missoula, Montana

"A closed heart can't greet
a winter sky…

...Winter trees....
reach for the sky to offer praise –
stark, hard praise, born from all
those rooted years of bearing

the sky's weight….

..My sister, when she was younger,
awoke in winter to hold her arms

up to the sky, shiver in the wholeness
of it, let shadows of winter trees
dance sunlight across her face..."

-    - From “In Praise of Winter Trees” by Bill Brown

(OhPleaseOhPlease click here to be absorbed by the full text of this very lovely poem. 
It's hard to pass up a writer who lives with his wife "and a tribe of cats".)

08 December 2014

Indomitable Spirit - UM Grizzly Marching Band - Missoula, Montana

Sadly, the University of Montana Grizzlies' football season is over after Saturday's loss at Eastern Washington University. But it has to be some kind of consolation to have a dedicated marching band cheering you on. Case in point: today's blizzard pic of the UM band during halftime of last weekend's game against San Diego. After playing two songs for the stalwart crowd at our end of the stadium, they marched to the other end and played some more! "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, not gloom of night ..." - go Griz!