06 November 2012

Morning Schmorning, Corvallis, Montana

I don't know why The Morning People insist on their extra hour of morning light. My husband said it is for the children - so they can safely walk to school - and would I please stop whining.
(Okay, I added the whining bit for effect. Please say you spontaneously snorted so I don't have to repent of embellishment at his expense. To his credit, my husband wouldn't seriously say such a thing, & definitely wouldn't this week since he's still on happy-enhancing muscle relaxants following his recent surgery.) 
Safety notwithstanding, given that my daylight preference is to have more of it when I can be out in it - say, after work - I still think early Daylight Savings Time is a conspiratorial power grab by The Morning People. The more I think about this, the more worrisome this becomes: The Morning People are probably often also known as "they", as in "they say seeing is believing" or "they are taking over the (insert pet faction here)". Egad! The ubiquitous "they"! Of course, there is always the possibility of relocating to Arizona where common folk still resist when The Morning People come around handing out their version of kool-aid.
Hmmmm.... thinking about = proportionately increased worry, hence, I better stop thinking about it.
Ta ta for now!

(Caveat: I am absolutely joking, do not truly hold any positions put forth above, and actually love quite a few Morning People - except for the times they ring me up too early, with excessive chipperness in their voices. Please click the "kool-aid" link to enjoy the full scope of my senseless drivel. And then you can read a potentially useful version here.)

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