20 April 2012

Pink Windflower, Hamilton, Montana

At least, I think these are a windflower variation. Could also be a Colchicum.
They’ve been visiting faithfully for years - you’d think I’d know their names!

19 April 2012

Dandelions and Black Holes, Hamilton, Montana

This year, I’m trying the latest in dandelion extermination science - Black Holes.
They tell me the spots on the lawn will fill in eventually.
For dire cases only. Do not try this at home. Not available in all states or all Canadian province.

18 April 2012

Canyon Creek Trailhead, Hamilton, Montana

My mum would sometimes take me to the Canyon Creek Trailhead with friends. Just off the parking lot is a lovely little campfire area, where you can traipse along the creek on deer trails, under overhanging boughs - a dusky, woodsy place that seems to be your very own secret.

16 April 2012

Demure Daffodil, Close, Missoula, Montana

One gleaning from the Ansel Adams exhibit was validation of each photo's uniqueness: even if similar to another shot, each image still has individual qualities that allow me - and other viewers - to appreciate it distinctly.

15 April 2012

Daffodil Blue Sky, Missoula, Montana

Today is the last day of the Ansel Adams photo exhibit at the Missoula Art Museum.
I was inspired, and reminded of why I love black and white photography.
But that will have to wait until the the daffodils are not so deliriously sunny.