26 October 2018

Gorgeous Autumn Gold - Grant Creek, Missoula, Montana

In case I didn't mention this recently, we've been having the best kind of gorgeous autumn, as you can plainly see in this sun-gilded shot of Grant Creek right in the middle of Missoula's industrial north-end segement.

24 October 2018

Shifting Sky View From Mount Sentinel - Missoula, Montana

Even though Mount Sentinel's M trail is less than a mile long, the 11 switchbacks and 620 feet in elevation gain make for a decent little hike. (Okay, I understated there - it's really a huffer-puffer! Unless you are one of the very fit 20-something athletes who lapped us - running! - both up and back before we were even all the way up.) 
But the Big Sky view is worth every demoralizing wheeze - or, rather, "views", plural, from the lovely little rest-&-view-the-vista benches mercifully situated at multiple switchback turns.
Overall, a good time was had by all - and we wisely balanced out the activities with a stop for handcrafted ice cream a la Sweet Peaks.

22 October 2018

Comfort Food for My Soul - Bitterroot Valley, Montana

Familiar vistas spread before my eyes

Revealing layers of consistent beauty 

Never cease to calm, inspire, refresh

During our annual visit to Big Sky Country, Gary (MWH aka My Wonderful Husband) and I take every opportunity to just be outside. Breathing in the fresh air under endless blue skies, savoring views of rolling plains edged by mountainous peaks, or meandering along the river's edge.  

We return home refreshed in body and soul.
- Pat Richards

(A big thanks to Sis 3 (aka intrepid traveler Pat Richards) for sharing another guest post from their 2018 visit. Current crisp autumn skies look just about the same today, but with added swathes of yellow tamarack in the mountains.)