24 October 2018

Shifting Sky View From Mount Sentinel - Missoula, Montana

Even though Mount Sentinel's M trail is less than a mile long, the 11 switchbacks and 620 feet in elevation gain make for a decent little hike. (Okay, I understated there - it's really a huffer-puffer! Unless you are one of the very fit 20-something athletes who lapped us - running! - both up and back before we were even all the way up.) 
But the Big Sky view is worth every demoralizing wheeze - or, rather, "views", plural, from the lovely little rest-&-view-the-vista benches mercifully situated at multiple switchback turns.
Overall, a good time was had by all - and we wisely balanced out the activities with a stop for handcrafted ice cream a la Sweet Peaks.

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