05 December 2017

Just The Facts, Ma'am - Missoula, Montana

Here's a recent quote from my doctor that is worth pondering in relation to expectations and the daily balancing act:

"There are Facts and Stories about Facts. 
It is immeasurably valuable to distinguish between them."

-Dr. Dawn Dalili

Read a bit more at her brief 4 Lessons Learned blog post.

04 December 2017

Orange You Glad There's Coffee? - Missoula, Montana

I'm still not used to pouring my first cup of coffee in the very dark of winter mornings, particularly as it is not yet technically winter. But I must quit whinging about it and celebrate the good things of this season of waning daylight - like soup. 
Chilly = perfect soup weather, so I've been making large pots of it to eat for a few days. And soup leads to bonus company because, in the words of that great sage, Yoda, if you stop by after church, "Stay for some soup you must." And it's perfect weather for snuggling indoors with a good book or a movie - with no guilt for a sunny warm day you're missing!

Indeed, there is much to be thankful for amidst these shortened days under snow-laden skies - including wee cheery mandarin oranges. Please leave a note about your favourites.