17 January 2018

Leaf Retrospective - Missoula, Montana

I liked this little leaf so much, I noodled around with black & white possibilities - which turned out well enough that I wanted to share this alternate view, plus a keen thought on creative perspective.

"Writing has laws of perspective,
 of light and shade just as painting does,
 or music. 
If you are born knowing them, fine. 
If not, learn them. 
Then rearrange the rules to suit yourself.”

-Truman Capote (1924-1984)

15 January 2018

On Being Aware - Missoula, Montana

The following quote on our habits of sight - and a few others from the good Baron - provoked a solid "Yes!" from me. 

I have noticed that amidst circumstance's overwhelm, there will come a time of pause - even if it's the eye of the storm! -  when we can stop and choose how we see. If we will, we can see the bigger picture - not as a head-in-the-sand false optimism, but in the clear light of hope and generosity.
“To romanticize the world is 
to make us aware 
of the magic, mystery and wonder 
of the world; 

it is to educate the senses 
to see the ordinary as extraordinary, 
the familiar as strange, 
the mundane as sacred, 
the finite as infinite.”

(aka Baron Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg 1772-1802,

As quoted in "Bildung in Early German Romanticism" by Frederick C. Beiser, in Philosophers on Education : Historical Perspectives (1998) by Amélie Rorty, p. 294)

& for those who will wonder: This tenacious little leaf was small as a trim, smallish index fingernail.