02 January 2015

Leaf Impressions - Hamilton, Montana

"On a sunny day with temperatures at 28 degrees, a leaf lands on the ice. The dark leaf conducts heat, so much so that by day's end, the leaf has worked its way through several inches of ice. Sure, it may be covered again, but as long as the leaf remains in the ice, it will forever conduct heat, creating pockets in the ice."

This illustration is from an article about Bill Bevis, the instigator of Missoula’s outdoor ice rink at Rattlesnake School, underscoring the critical importance for an outdoor rink to have a white base that will reflect, not absorb,the sun's rays. 

Nature informs all variety of science; & what a perfectly timed read for my little leaf photo!

We've had some steady cold ; here's hoping for a good skating day.

01 January 2015

31 December 2014

Juke Box Jive - East Missoula, Montana

And what to my wondering eyes should appear at a '50s themed church bridal shower but a real live juke box!  
I found the repetitive lines even more fascinating than the fact that someone just happened to have such a treasure in their collection of cool stuff.

Wishing you a little jumpin’ juke box jive for your New Year’s Eve entertainment.
Or a good book and cup o' tea, as you wish!

30 December 2014

Windworn Winter Grass - Livingston, Montana

“As the wind at midday rains whitening over
  the grass,
As the night-bird glimmers a moment, fleeting
  between the lonely watcher and the moon,
So softly inaudibly they rained,
While I sat silent.”

29 December 2014

Depot Decor - Livingston, Montana

Northern Pacific Railroad built Livingston's embellished and colonnaded depot in 1902 as the original access to Yellowstone National Park.

Click here for more photos and information of the building's past and present.

28 December 2014

Red - Livingston, Montana

You couldn't tell just from looking, but this is, indeed, a winter scene, and snow blanketed the ground within 20 minutes of driving. A light snowfall just doesn't stand a chance against Livingston's notorious winds.