17 April 2020

Apple Pie, My Oh My! - Missoula, Montana

As much as I love me a just-so soft-boiled egg for that protein brunch punch, I’m all in favour of substituting Montana apple pie, served with a side of delight that it's from my very own (ailing) oven. 
But it's really a neighborhood pie, with crust from our walk-to grocer’s cooler, homemade Montana apple filling from our next-door friend’s pantry - and minimal labour from me! 
(Isn't it a cunning wee thing?! 
Forget those gi-normous Costco creations! 7.5 inches is pie a-plenty - for two.
Plus it's fun to see reactions to, "I ate half an apple pie for breakfast.") 

Wishing you kind neighborliness in these odd times.