19 October 2017

Wandering Montana Heart

For today's (whatever day that may be) international view through Montana eyes, click here.

They say home is where your heart is, and my heart is still in Montana, even though I'm currently travelling in Sri Lanka.

To be realistic in view of our full schedule, I'm electing to take a break from regular Montana1aDay posts until I'm back in the USA at October's end.

BUT I'm posting our travel updates at, so click the text links and see where these wandering Montana feet are traveling.

02 October 2017

Construction Circles 3 - Missoula, Montana

"We find ourselves in a world of transporting pleasures, ravishing beauties, and tantalising possibilities, but all constantly being destroyed, all coming to nothing. Nature has all the air of a good thing spoiled."

28 September 2017

Construction Circles 2 - Missoula, Montana

These sewer grates reminded me of waffles. 

But maybe that's just because waffles are something I can't eat while my doctor has me eschewing grains, sweetener, & dairy. And please don't very kindly share a recipe or brand name of some very tasty pseudo waffles made with non-grain flour. I've tried them - I've actually made them out of coconut flour

They are not bad. 

But they are not really waffles.  

Because what, I ask you, is the point of a waffle without real butter and authentic Canadian maple syrup (which is sitting patiently in my little pantry, in the dark, all alone), and a dollop of real whipped cream? 

Sorry - I have noticed I'm a little crabbier without grains...

27 September 2017

Construction Circles 1 - Missoula, Montana

On our neighbourhood meanders through the summer, we've been watching with great interest a slightly controversial infrastructure adjustment a few blocks away.  A street previously ending in a cul de sac backing up to a largely dormant segment of rail line is now a through street to the mall

Residents were less than thrilled when the plan was introduced - and living in a construction zone always puts folks in a better mood - uh, NOT! 

The project appears to be nearing completion, leaving a few miscellaneous bits and pieces to catch my eye until the final clean up.

24 September 2017

Acts Of Light - Missoula, Montana

"Thank You for all the Acts of Light which beautified a summer now passed to its reward."

-Letter from Emily Dickinson to Mrs. John Howard Sweetser 

From Map of the Heart by Susan Wiggs, Part 1 intro page

21 September 2017

Feisty Fighter - Phillipsburg, Montana

Best news line today: 
"Jake LaMotta, an iron-fisted battler... has died. He was 95...The former middleweight champion died Tuesday... according to his longtime fiancee, Denise Baker."

To be 95 and fianced - now THERE'S a story!

However, the truth is slightly less inspiring: other news stories noted that Denise and Jake actually married in a quiet ceremony in 2013. But he still robbed the walker?

If you're wondering what this has to do with today's photo, keep pondering... and let me know what you came up with! (Comments left as Anonymous do not require a log-in.)

20 September 2017

Cucumber Nostalgia - Missoula, Montana

Happy childhood memory AND a healthy snack!

Struggling a bit to scoop decent bites out of this lovely from-a-friend's-garden cuke, I gained a whole new appreciation for how smart my mother was in managing the seven of us. 
Give a stubborn 5-year-old a spoon and half a cucumber and they'll probably stay occupied for a good hour, plus wind up full of self-satisfaction for having done this amazing feat of foraging all on their own!

17 September 2017

Cloudy Day - Missoula, Montana

My husband asked for a seniour price ticket for today's matinee movie. The high schooler manning the ticket window glanced over at me then asked, in all seriousness, "One seniour ticket or two?" 

Of course, I laughed and wondered aloud if I should, perhaps, be offended? Our serious ticket seller appeared confused by my quip.

I suppose when you're still wearing teen braces, everyone older than you appears ancient. 

Commitment to my latest skin serum is redoubled.

Ironically, this little incident would have been avoided had we known that ALL matinee tickets are the same price.

16 September 2017

River's Moment In Time - Clark Fork River, Missoula, Montana

"What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time."

-John Berger (1926-2017), English art critic

From Map of the Heart by Susan Wiggs, Part 2 intro page

14 September 2017

Really Smoky - Near Philipsburg, Montana

"A cynic is what an idealist calls a realist."

-Colonel Henrique Martens, in The Paris Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal, p. 291

In reality, it's really smoky in most of Montana.

BUT they say rain - or even perhaps a freeze, with snow in the mountains! - is coming yet this week. Hurrah!

(Yes, we are excited about early frost; somewhat sad, but true.)

11 September 2017

Clear Skies Over Montana - Missoula, Montana

Omigosh, clear skies in western Montana - I almost don't know how to process this!

Weekend winds cleared the air in the Missoula valley to astonishing clean, but the view toward Lolo, Montana, (centre of photo) still shows thick smoke fug lingering further south. 

After so many weeks, the clear air was almost unbelievably bewildering, even while we were thankful to breathe deep and get active outside. 

(Sadly, pessimism lurks with thoughts of "Better enjoy it while it lasts!")