06 January 2023

Epiphany Light Shine - Missoula, Montana

Epiphany - what a lovely day to celebrate - the very name full of promise of new beginning, of life-light diminishing soul-darkness, of suddenly realizing life-altering simple somethings previously shadowed, just out of reach.

May the Lord’s kindness shine bright upon you and then through you. 

02 January 2023

Step Into A New Year - East Missoula, Montana

“…my mother forever tried to tell the other three of us. That the past is a taker, not a giver. It was a warning she felt she had to put out, in that particular tone of voice with punctuation all through it, fairly often in our family. When we could start hearing her commas and capital letters we knew the topic had become Facing Facts, Not Going Around with Our Heads Stuck in Yesterday.” - Jick McCaskill in English Creek by Ivan Doig, pp. 3-4

(BTW, if “Read More Books” made your New Year to-do list, anything by Ivan Doig is a high-yield investment.)