07 June 2014

Blues Train, Missoula, Montana

Oh, the lovely lines and patterns that abound in the railway world!

For a dip into the best kind of Montana train mania, check out a current Montana Rail Link fan page here.

06 June 2014

Cone Cluster, Missoula, Montana

More spring freshness of the pine variety - almost a sturdy nosegay! In the language of flowers, what secret lover’s message would such a grouping convey? 

(Click the text links to read about this fragrant communication - which beats a text message hands down for romance.)

05 June 2014

Superheroes At Every Corner, Missoula, Montana

My friend, Jenny, called and suggested we spend a recent Saturday morning strolling her neighborhood, perusing the literal dozens of yard sales that bloom on a particular weekend in May.
Now, bear in mind that, since being married to the poster boy for “Simplify Your Life”, I haven’t spent a morning yard-saling in about 8 years.
And I kinda loathe idle shopping in most forms. And it would mean forfeiting my precious coffee-in-jammies morning.
But, I love Jenny.
And we would simultaneously be strolling and hanging out together.
So, I did not say, “I’d rather have a tooth pulled.” (Jenny works for a dentist and could follow through on that).
I said, (hem, haw) “For you, I will do this.“
And we did share splendid catch-up conversation, and a fun chat with some spunky seniour ladies.
So friendship yields were high.
And, yes, I bought a few small things, such as a vintage gold chain & a grey pearl costume bracelet - both from the spunky seniour gals!
But this photo is the coolest thing I brought home that morning. 

 Isn’t this what the serious yard-salers hope for?

04 June 2014

River Walk Blooms, Missoula, Montana

"...Bring a concertina after sunset under the apple trees.
Let romance stutter to the western stars, “Excuse … me…”"
- Carl Sandburg (1878-1967), from Cornhuskers (1918)

Decades ago (Egad! That I can actually say such a thing!), during high school, I passionately devoured Sandburg's poems, reveling in his gritty yet beautifully phrased views of the human situation in the most ordinary circumstances. Every time I chance across his writing, I'm reminded why my youthful ardour ran so hot. And I remember to include more poetry in my life.  

Click on any high-lighted text link to find your own poem dose for today.

02 June 2014

01 June 2014

Land Layers, Missoula, Montana

One thing I’ve always loved about these tightly knit western Montana mountains is how the changing light reveals distinct layers of the land. The intensity of colour and form fades with the distance increase from where you stand, and the eye draws gradually, calmingly, to the far horizon and high blue sky.