23 June 2012

Reflections on Willow Pond, Victor, Montana

Further along my distracting pond, the willows' celadon reflections impart a dreamy, Monet-like quality. (Enjoy a deep, relaxing breath...inhale the peace.)

22 June 2012

Big Sky Reflections, Victor, Montana

On my drive down to Hamilton, Montana, to mow the lawn at our town cottage, the reflecting colours of sky and trees and mountains in this roadside pond distracted me into stopping & taking a bunch of photos.

21 June 2012

Night Crew,Hiway 93, Victor, Montana

Locals say there are two seasons in Montana: winter and road construction.
So, does that mean yesterday was the first official day of road construction?

On my drive back up the valley the other evening, I pulled into a by-way to watch this night road crew in action for a while. This isn’t something you see every day; kind of reminded me of the efficiency of ants working together on a project. Strangely fascinating.

20 June 2012

Superior Gas Mileage, Hamilton, MT

There are some sights that just holler, "Ya gotta love this small town!". 
Which is pretty much what I said out my car window to this hipster urban cowboy, (for my wordy sisters: definition of urban can include "pertaining to town...") thus starting a pleasant, impromptu conversation.
If you've never lived in a place where strangers waive to each other when they pass in the road, at least treat yourself to a visit.

19 June 2012

Bee on Dandelion, Missoula, Montana

This little guy is a poster child for the phrase “busy as a bee”!
With insects, I’m learning to snap the shutter when I can - instead of waiting for the perfect shot - because bees have places to go and flowers to see.

18 June 2012

Raindrops on (Not) Roses, Missoula, Montana

Raindrops are rather fascinating little gems.  Or they could just fall into my general fixation with shiny things
One thing - well, actually, two things - I appreciate about all the rain we’re having this summer: (1) we haven't had to water the lawn much, and (2) the natural light is fabulous for photos.

17 June 2012

Tulip Molt, Missoula, Montana

Once tulips and other flowers molt, we usually don’t spare them any appreciative glances.
Yet a different beauty, perhaps of line or subtle colour, may linger past the lushness of full bloom. So, keep your eyes open for unexpected grace.