22 April 2017

Morning At Camp Bighorn - Paradise, Montana

Having a great time at big girl camp!
The people at Camp Bighorn are amazing - they provide hot showers - a good thing with a group of 40 women! And you can watch the train running just across the river.
Oh, and coffee is available 24/7. 
Go to the light...!

(& I'm sure it can't hurt to be just down the road from Paradise!)

18 April 2017

Super-Size Me - Missoula, Montana

"Last month at church, she had embarrassed herself half to death. 
The correct quote was, "I am a vessel for God's love, " but she had read out loud in front of the entire congregation, " I am a weasel for God's love." 
Earle had said that no one had noticed, but of course, they had." 

- Fannie Flagg, in The All-Girl's Filling Station's Last Reunion


Truth be told, I've been hoarding this quote for about a year, awaiting just the right "vessel" photo pairing.  Finally, I decided these tanker cars are a fitting match; not just because I'm tired of waiting and I love the train lines from this overpass view, but also because it's entirely fitting to aspire to be an industrial-sized transporter of God's love.(Right?!)

Perhaps a little stretch - "I'm a tanker car for Jesus" evokes a slightly different charm than "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam"... but it works - particularly for Thomas the Train fans!  
Just keep it on the rails and away from incendiary situations.

16 April 2017

Easter Light - Missoula, Montana

"And on the day that You arose,

darkness ran for cover..."

- from lyrics to "Worthy Of Your Name" written by Brenton Brown, Brett Younker, Sean Curran

Happy Easter. 

Join us for church here in East Missoula via livestream (or come back later to jump in at your leisure!)