10 December 2011

My Groovy Blue Bike

Since I’ve mentioned biking in a previous post, here’s a portrait of my trusty wheels.
It’s such a happy blue - just seeing it in the garage kindles hope for spring.
I bought it at a flea market shop for $15, then had Valley Bicycles & Ski tune it up & replace the tyres.
A cool bonus is that it still has the original Ross decals on the frame, as well as a sticker from The Spoke Shop in Billings, MT.

09 December 2011

Orange You Glad I Said Banana?

I have no idea what this orange industrial tubing does for a day job, but the colour and patterns caught my eye during a bike ride this fall.
If you, dear reader, can enlighten us, please do so with a comment below!

08 December 2011

Classic Montana Farm Scene

Long-time friends of my husband own one of the last multi-generational family ranches in the Missoula valley. The views are quintessential Montana & always provide for me the same calm as gazing out over the ocean or Alberta‘s prairies.
(Although I did have to jig around a bit to crop out the newer housing a couple rolling hills over.)

07 December 2011

Honour Given Where Honour Is Due

Today is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbour. You see here the base of the soldier memorial in front of the Ravalli County Museum, in Hamilton, Montana.

05 December 2011

04 December 2011


This crazy little bird - possibly an American dipper , aka a water ouzel - was a fascinating diversion on a walk along the Bitterroot River. He kept diving in & out of the water, quick as you please, then popping back up onto the rock to take a look around.