31 March 2012

Racing Stripes, Crocus, Hamilton, Montana

My darling sister said she already bought photo frames for a montage of crocus prints.
I told her she's welcome to them, but to wait a few more days to select her favourites, since there are more....

30 March 2012

Close and Personal, Purple Crocus, Hamilton, Montana

Come closer... closer....
(Here's an odd thought: The center almost looks like a little golden, suspended brain.)

29 March 2012

28 March 2012

Purple Crocus Bud, Hamilton, Montana

The crocuses are just coming up in my garden!
I took a bunch of dandy photos while my lunch was cooking - & didn't even burn anything!
This is the first of a series you'll see this week.

27 March 2012

25 March 2012

Pining for Spring, Lincoln, Montana

Lincoln, Montana, is a timely stopping point when we drive north to see family in Canada. The town is basically in the middle of a mountain forest. So, on a ten-minute leg-stretching stroll, you breathe in plenty of fresh piney air, and you never know what you'll see if you're looking. Just watch our for the deer loitering in front yards.