26 April 2013

Chain Reaction, Missoula, Montana

Not that I'm trying to make any link (ha ha) between chains and marriage, but my first thought when reviewing this photo is, "Something old, something new.....".  Next, Aretha's amazing song starts up a track in my head : "Chain, chain, cha-aaaaiiinnnn..... cha-aiin of foo-oools..." And, of course, being so catchy (as you experienced just now if you clicked the link),  it runs as an intermittent loop inside my head for the better part of the day, sometimes seeping out in hummy hums or sotto voce phrases. My co-workers try not to complain. Welcome to my world - over all, a pretty happy place, if occasionally odd.

25 April 2013

Pink Fuzzies, Missoula, Montana

There are warm fuzzies, and there are their lesser known cousins, pink fuzzies.
Warm fuzzies make you smile.
Pink fuzzies (not to be confused with a pink fizz) could make you sneeze, as they appear to be a variety of poplar seed clutch.

24 April 2013

Clouds Round About, Corvallis, Montana

This cloudscape brought to mind a snatch of song:
"Clouds are round about You, Shadows veil Your eyes..."
contributed by Steve Hindalong (The Choir) to a favourite compilation album.

23 April 2013

Weeping Willow Green, Missoula, Montana

The waving fronds of this gracious weeping willow tree greet me on work mornings as I walk up the sidewalk along the front of our office. In all their falling forward glory, the moving branches bring to mind hair swept across the face of the shy girl. It's been interesting to see them shift from dormant winter sticks that clack amongst themselves in a wind to supple greening shoots swishing in the spring breeze.

22 April 2013

Roadside Creek, Missoula, Montana

With the onset of warm weather - (hah! wishful thinking on my part!) - I’ve decided to try something new with my allotted lunch hour. Realistically, it only takes 15 minutes to warm up my lunch and eat. And if I plan ahead, I can post my blog in 15 minutes or so. The leftover time allows for a nice little walk. And if I head down the side street by our office, 5-7 minutes brings me to a lovely creek that crosses under the road. (You can't tell from this picture, but the creek runs through an industrial business area and there's a road beyond the far end of this view. I had to time the shot for a break in traffic so no vehicles would be visible.)

Thus far on my new routine I’ve learned a few key bits of knowledge: 1) the wind picks up considerably once you round the corner of the building and head west; 2) your head will hurt if you walk in a cold wind without a hat; and 3) it’s good to bring a scarf, even if the sun is shining when you leave home.
As I should know by now, Montana's weather is famous mercurial.

21 April 2013

Pretty In Pink, Missoula, Montana

From the warm sunlight streaming through this (dogwood?) blossom and the forsythia behind, you’d never guess a biting wind blew us in early from our healthy walk.