26 April 2013

Chain Reaction, Missoula, Montana

Not that I'm trying to make any link (ha ha) between chains and marriage, but my first thought when reviewing this photo is, "Something old, something new.....".  Next, Aretha's amazing song starts up a track in my head : "Chain, chain, cha-aaaaiiinnnn..... cha-aiin of foo-oools..." And, of course, being so catchy (as you experienced just now if you clicked the link),  it runs as an intermittent loop inside my head for the better part of the day, sometimes seeping out in hummy hums or sotto voce phrases. My co-workers try not to complain. Welcome to my world - over all, a pretty happy place, if occasionally odd.

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  1. What - no link to the song - 'welcome to my world'?
    It's nice to live in a Happy Place.


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