05 August 2016

Telegraph - Livingston Depot - Livingston, Montana

"The major advances in speed of communication and ability to interact took place more than a century ago. The shift from sailing ships to telegraph was far more radical than that from telephone to email!"

03 August 2016

Upper Window View From The Depot - Livingston,Montana

The view from inside one iconic building out to another: the Livingston Depot's stairwell window looks out to The Murray Hotel and sunny downtown Livingston. 

From Memorial Day to Labour Day, the depot is home to the fascinating railroad memorabilia of The Depot Center Museum. We spent the hottest part of Sunday afternoon browsing through the heyday of passenger train traffic through Livingston, which for many years was the hopping-on point for tourist trains to Yellowstone National Park.  
A short trek upstairs brings you to a display of movies shot in or near Livingston, from black-and-white era Westerns to the 2016 drama "Certain Women", with a fair selection of foreign films and comedies in between. Oh, and let's not forget "A River Runs Through It". 
The museum was one highlight in a lovely summer afternoon, and definitely merits a return visit.

02 August 2016

Guest Post: Up Over The Ridge - Corvallis, Montana

Alas, visiting Sister #3 has hied herself home - just ahead of the worsening wildfire smoke infiltrating the Bitterroot valley. Thankfully, plenty of Montana's iconic big sky was in view for most of her stay, as evidenced in today's guest post.

Thanks again, sis, for sharing your Montana perspectives!
Up over the ridge, adventure lies 
waiting to be discovered. 
Who knows what treasures 
will be found, up over the ridge.

 Up over the ridge, I plan to go, 
someday soon.
 I'll pack my lunch and go 
exploring, up over the ridge.
 - Pat Richards

01 August 2016

Guest Post: Rainbow Promise Morning - Corvallis, Montana

Today's guest blogger is once again Big Sister #3 (I don't think you should ever get too old to appreciate the before-ness of older siblings), who has enjoyed some amazing scenery during her stay. (Hurrah for people who take early morning walks and share their lovely views!)
Rainbows are filled with promise. 
They appear almost magically where sunlight and raindrops intersect, birthing a brilliant swath of color. 
The the scientific explanation is no less amazing (learn more here.)

 "I have placed My rainbow in the clouds as a sign of My promise until the end of time, to you and to all the earth. ." 
- Spoken to Noah and his Family in Genesis 9:13

Grab a hold of the promise of today, for like the rainbow, opportunity is often fleeting.
- Pat Richards

31 July 2016

Further Down The Road - Bozeman, Montana

"Those roads provided breath-taking views. There's something special about an empty road going on and on and on to the horizon where the sun burns the world away into a dancing, shimmering heat haze that reflects the crystal blue sky, literally blurring the line between heaven and earth."