18 August 2012

Purple Centered Flowers, Hamilton,Montana

The Daly Mansion in Hamilton, Montana, has some splendid gardeners ensuring that the grounds are delightful to visit all summer long. These lovely blooms grace a flowering shrub outside the fence to the Children's Garden. The flower center almost looks like a miniature hyacinth bloom.

17 August 2012

Smokey Mountain Ranges, Ulm, Montana

A prairie dog sentinel peruses the hazy mountain ranges visible from his post at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park's upper visitor area. Smoke or wafting clouds reveal whole new angles and layers from what you typically see on a clear day, bringing a whole new perspective to provoke amazement.

16 August 2012

Lonesome Prairie, Ulm, Montana

Driving half a day across the state highlights the diversity of Montana's beauty - from the mountains to the prairies, just like the song says of America. The rolling grasslands that begin about 20 miles east of Lincoln, Montana, always strike a pensive chord in my soul, accentuated on this particular day by the filter of smoke casting an old-world feel on the scene. You almost expect a covered wagon or Red River cart to rattle over the hill...

15 August 2012

Home on the Range, First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park, Ulm, Montana

Smoke from regional forest fires hazes the mountains near Great Falls and Ulm, Montana, add to the lonely aspect of this tipi set up in First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park.
While affecting a picturesque filter from a distance, wild fire safety is definitely something to be aware of before you head out into any wilderness. RidersTrail offers some safe planning food-for-thought in their useful infographic.

14 August 2012

First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park, Ulm, Montana

Traveling home from Alberta, Canada, last week, I bought a couple pieces of chicken from Quigley's Quickstop in Ulm, Montana, then headed west a few miles to enjoy my picnic at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park. (Side note: ants do not stop for crispy fried chicken crumbs.)

13 August 2012

Da(yl)ily Sunshine, Hamilton, Montana

Daylilies - a.k.a. the perfect perennial - are on my list of flowers that should find a place in our yard. They bloom & bloom, and are happy most anywhere that's not too textbook perfect. Hmmmm.... I could take more time to "consider the lilies..." and be so inspired.

12 August 2012

Geometry of Motion, Hamilton, Montana

Occasionally, I marvel at the logical brains who put together all the complex cause-and-effect pieces that run the vehicles we take for granted every day. The proud owners of classic cars elevate the mundane to art, highlighting the graceful form of the function (often in chrome).