30 June 2012

Meanwhile, Back At the Ranch, Missoula, Montana

So, for all you parents who still kick your kids outside to play, remember that it really is healthier than watching T.V., even if they cook up entertainment of the daring variety. Boys will be boys, and, as the song says, chicks dig it.

Barn Storm, Missoula, Montana

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" - The Bible, Matthew 6:26, (NIV)

29 June 2012

Weathered Wagon, Missoula, Montana

I got to tromp around the ranch of my husband’s long-time friends until rain suggested I shelter my camera. Old things that were essentially useful, like this weathered wagon, always draw my eye - not only for the visual contrast of materials, but also because I wondering at the inherent history. My mum had great stories from growing up in a farming community. If between several neighbors you had all the equipment needed to take in the harvest efficiently, you met at each farm in turn, got the job done together, then moved on to another farm the next day. It’s good to remember how we need each other, and good to notice the people God puts in our lives.

28 June 2012

Wild Rose, Present and Future, Missoula, Montana

The wild rose has been among my favourite flowers since childhood. A delicate blossom housing an honest, old-world rose fragrance, Rosa acicularis is the Provincial Flower of Alberta, Canada. I remember breathing their scent during childhood summer rambles, braving prickles to pick short-stemmed, miniature bouquets for my mum or big sisters, who always found a small glass or a teacup.

27 June 2012

26 June 2012

Small Green Brook , Victor, Montana

Breathtaking scenes can come in small packages.  Bend your knees and get close to a small inlet brook. Watch the play of luminescent light on water plants splayed forward in the current, green jewels undulating to catch the sunlight.
Remember what it is to be a child absorbed in what is simply in front of you, to be fully present.

25 June 2012

Deluxe Shave, Missoula, Montana

My darling husband is typically a clean-shaven man.
Several weeks ago, he didn't shave for a day, then two, then three, at which point he decided to see how long he could let his facial hair grow before he couldn't stand it. When the blessed day finally arrived, he indulged in an old-fashioned shave, an age-old luxury to the common man. Steve at Capital Barber Shop has been delivering the works with chutzpah and old-time barber shop flair for over 40 years. There were hot towels, heated foam, straight-edge razors, man-cave acoutrements on the walls - just like in the old movies, with a little more attitude.
My husband emerged relaxed and smooth - except for the mustache and soul patch our daughter decided he should try for fun. The 'stache lasted only a few days, the soul patch a couple more - and he once again looks like his handsome self, instead of like Jeff Foxworthy's brother.

24 June 2012

Chive Blossom, Hamilton, Montana

Chive blossoms are not only a delicate periwinkle addition to a flower bed, but I've found they're tasty as a late addition to stir-fry dishes.