05 May 2012

Bleeding Hearts, East Missoula, Montana

Bleeding hearts are on my perennial wish-list, right before forsythia.
My sisters used to amuse me with a slightly twisted princess tale, taking apart the flower to illustrate the story progression. (Not for the faint of heart - it ends with a dagger.)

04 May 2012

Green Leaves, Blue Sky, Missoula, Montana

Imagine you are laying on your back, gazing placidly up at the blue, blue, Montana sky through a lacy veil of new spring leaves…. Inhale slowly, exhale slowly…. repeat as needed.

03 May 2012

Marigoldfish, Missoula, MT

Marigoldfish - not only fun to say, buy also my spring contribution to recycling in Montana.
A younger member of the family contributed by fastidiously emptying the box, one fishy at a time.

01 May 2012

Leafy Greens, East Missoula, Montana

Please enjoy the fresh greenness of this tender new leaf cluster to celebrate May!
For Western Montana, May 1 means there are only 29 days until it's safe to plant tender garden transplants without fear of freezing - barring an early June freak snowstorm!

29 April 2012

Cattails at NinePipes Reservoir, Ronan, Montana

Ninepipes Reservoir, south of Ronan, Montana, is a great place to stop & stretch your legs on a drive up the Flathead Valley.