20 June 2020

Wild Rose (always my favourite!) - Missoula, Montana

"…suddenly you flare in my sight, / a wild rose blooming at the edge / of thicket, grace and light...
and once more I am blessed, choosing / again what I chose before."

19 June 2020

Young Bucks - Missoula, Montana

Much as our "wild" deer annoy me by ransacking my lovingly planted flowers and vegetables (IN my small townie yard in a dense neighborhood!), even I can appreciate that these young bucks are quite beautiful with their sleek caramel coats and still-velvety (but scary) antlers. (Did i mention scary? Have you SEEN that fight scene in Bambi ?).

17 June 2020

Traffic Stop - Lincoln, Montana

Why I Love Montana: Reason # 392
Even if it's on the main highway through town, traffic still stops and people don't get their feathers ruffled. (I mean, courtesy costs you nothing, and what's an extra 5 minutes under the calming gaze of that vast Montana sky?)