29 September 2012

Happy Patio, Corvallis, Montana

Sometimes, I just want to have a really good hamburger - no soy, no side of veggies or salad, just a perfect burger and fries. Well, if you're ever in Corvallis, Montana, you can get one at The Wild Mare, and enjoy it out on their homey patio. (Barring a snowstorm, of course.)

28 September 2012

Well-Travelled, Corvallis, Montana

Last night, The Wild Mare in Corvallis, Montana, hosted well-travelled musicians Freebo and Jerry Donahue. The welcoming environment was a good match for their warm-hearted, down-to-earth music.

27 September 2012

Campfire, Victor, Montana

Despite the pall of smoke hanging about the valleys, early fall is still perfect weather for a little backyard campfire. We have a little house, but taking the visiting outdoors enabled us to host about 20 family members for ice cream and a campfire. My big sis was most excited about the campfire, and I totally see why - the visual warmth of the flames inspires cozy conversation, laughter, good storytelling.... all the best parts of happy end-of-summer get-togethers.

p.s. Sorry for the post delays - Blogger has an outstanding issue, but I finally figured out a work-around, which enabled the photos I thought had published the last 5 days to populate to this blog.

26 September 2012

Road Sign, Stevensville, Montana

An old car is never just a piece of junk - it might be a restorable classic, or part of an eye-catching advertisement, or even a play-space where creative youngsters travel beyond the farmyard, limited only by their imagination. Montana has always been a land of inventive entrepeneurs, taking what they have to make something else. Given that Stevensville, Montana, is the first settlement in the state, its no surprise that the original can-do attitude is alive and well here.

25 September 2012

Flower Bower, Missoula, Montana

Hollyhocks frame dappled sunlight in our backyard in Missoula, Montana, as if to invite one to amble down the sideyard for a little lawn chair catnap, while the weather holds.

24 September 2012

You Say Tomato, Missoula, Montana

It's getting to be the time of year when tomato lovers keep a keen eye on the forecast and cover their ripening charges for the night if temperatures dip close to freezing. Every fall, our basement playroom was carpeted with green tomatoes laid out to ripen on old bedsheets. (Nothing quite so unexpected as the squelch of a wayward fruit under your little foot - ick!)

23 September 2012

Corn Rows, Victor, Montana

Several weeks ago, a neighbor treated us to some ultra-tender new corn - yum! - from Benson's Farm in Missoula, Montana. When my family visited in early September, we enjoyed several varieties of bigger ears;  my favourite was BoJangles.