17 December 2023

Best People Watching- Fans On the Field, FCS Semi Final - Missoula, Montana

University of Montana Griz fans defy being crammed into any stereotypical box. So a hometown football game provides ample people watching delight. You see Fifth-Avenue-attired city folk next to a bona fide rancher sporting Carhartt coveralls, a Stetson hat with fleece ear flaps, and an impressive greying walrus handlebar mustache. Little kids with their parents and too-cool teenage siblings in the same row as octogenarians in original booster club winter parkas. And of course the make-it-epic fans in full length furry coats - including bear-face hood and clawed paws that drop from the sleeve cuffs. Oh, and we can’t forget Section 104’s beguiling Twinkie tossing man. (What does it MEAN??! & how DOES he smuggle them all past security?!)  Think of any “group” and you’ll see them on game day in Missoula, Montana’s Washington-Grizzly Stadium
And the unifying factor among them all: They love the Griz - for whatever reason - enough to show up and yell themselves hoarse in concert-level 95+ dB roars. 
IF I were in an especially schmaltzy mood, I’d end with: And in them all beats the heart of a Grizzly. 
But I’m not, so: Go Griz - all the way in Frisco!!!