13 April 2012

Tulip Bouquet, Hamilton, Montana

Beta Sigma Phi sells the most amazing tulips for their annual charity fundraiser.
I may not be able to resist sharing more.

12 April 2012

Old Barn No.472, Woodside, Montana

Have I mentioned the beautiful views on the way to my sister's house?
This one is almost a Montana postcard cliche, but I still like it.
I'm drawn to imagine that the original builder of this barn fastened the last shingle, then proudly looked around the homestead he was carving out, seeing only meadows and mountains - not another house for miles and miles, & barely a town on the valley floor.

11 April 2012

Fritillaria Imperialis, Hamilton, Montana

Fritillaria - say that five times fast! Even tho' Wikipedia claims it has a "foxy odour", mine pretty much smell like a skunk just visited & was slightly annoyed. But they are the coolest plants to observe the progression of,  from greenery to funky flower.  I'll keep you updated.

10 April 2012

Twilight Birches, Missoula, Montana

Birches have long been my favourite tree - the strong contrast of black and white, the silken vulnerability of their skin layers, the childhood romance of birch bark canoes.

09 April 2012

Season Confluence, Hamilton, Montana

If you don’t mind climbing a fence, this a side road to the Daly Mansion grounds, just east of Hamilton, Montana. (Just for the record, it’s been a lot of years since I took this route.)

08 April 2012

Easter Lilies, Hamilton, Montana

Happy Easter! In years past, I always called my baba (Ukrainian grandma) to exchange the traditional greeting, "Khrystos Voskres!" (Christ is risen!) with a response of, "Voistyno voskres!" (He is risen, indeed!). But she doesn't need this reminder isn't needed in heaven, now!
Just to clarify, these are not currently blooming in my Montana front yard; they're from this past summer. One stem had a bouquet of over 9 blooms all open at once. Amazingly gorgeous.