16 March 2012

A Bug's Life, Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge, Montana

If we open our eyes - & zoom in! - we can see beauty in the smallest creatures.
This little bug's folded wings bring to mind stained glass - windows of Lilliputian cathedrals.
(He might be a version of stonefly - check out this link & tell me what you think. Hey - that rhymes...)

14 March 2012

Peaceful Contemplation, Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge, Stevensville, Montana

Note to self: Dave’s Killer Sprouted Wheat Bread does not have 6 grams of protein per slice if one has to scrape off a significant amount of burnt matter.

After such chaos - cranking open windows, frantically flapping a dish towel under the smoke detector - it’s helpful to have available a peaceful scene from Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge for contemplation.

12 March 2012

Dreamy Sunset Reflections, Hieronymous Park, Hamilton, Montana

These are the Canadian geese who didn't get chased off by the bossy gander. (Well, I'm assuming it was a gander. I've heard about their territorial tendencies.) Once again, Hieronymous Park proves to be an endless font of peaceful settings.

11 March 2012

Beaver Stumped, Hieronymous Park, Hamilton, Montana

Montana’s beauty is amazingly accessible; I don’t even have to leave town for spectacular views. And taking the same paths never gets old because, if you’re looking, there’s always something you haven’t noticed before.