04 April 2015

Bunny Scat? - East Missoula, Montana

Ten minutes later, bare grass, thanks to an enthusiastic horde of smallish children. Thanks to a generous horde of volunteers and sponsors, the 22nd Annual East Missoula Community Egg Hunt has grown into a gathering, with so much more to enjoy - for free! - than just an egg hunt - bouncy houses, little kid games, food, and exploration opportunities on fire trucks and police and rescue vehicles, including the Life Flight helicopterA good time was had by all.

03 April 2015

Setting the Stage - Wilma Theatre - Missoula, Montana

The Wilma Theatre's gilded architectural fixtures and details have long been backdrop to amazing events. Rather a good photo for today, as a reminder of Good Friday so drastically setting the stage for a most amazing event, Easter Sunday. This year, today also begins another wondrous event - blessed Passover to you, also. May we pause and reflect on how these historical happenings changed not only the world, but willing hearts for all time forward.

02 April 2015

April Island - Missoula, Montana

"Our daydreams rush ahead of feet to picnic’s by the creek...

Of daisy-dappled ditches, wave-washed beaches, grass terrains..." - From 'April' by Janet Martin

(Always a delight to stop by Another Porch!)

01 April 2015

Near Stars - Missoula, Montana

Like so many near stars, the caragana's still-furled leaves luminesce; a neighbourhood Milky Way. Mystical, magical - like the tiny unicorn image I stuck to the rainbow in a large framed picture hanging on a co-worker's office wall. 'Tis the day for such frivolity, after all.

31 March 2015

Rangeland- SouthWest Montana

"..Western land was made for those
Who like land wild and free...
I want the sage, I want the grass,
I want the curlew's call...
Just give me country big and wide
With benchland, hills and breaks,
With coulees, cactus, buttes and range,
With creeks, and mountain lakes,
Until I cross the Great Divide,
Then, God, forgive each sin
And turn me loose on my cayuse
But please don't fence me in."
- from 'Open Range' by Robert H. Fletcher, from Corral Dust, 1936 edition

30 March 2015

Old and New, Indoors - Wilma Theatre, Missoula, Montana

Lighting trees and cabling cast layered shadows on the classic grillwork in the Wilma Theatre's main auditorium. Recent news of new owners with restoration and tech upgrade plans is building anticipation in both history and music camps.

29 March 2015

Fencing The Sky - SouthWest Montana

"There's always another storm. It's the way the world works. Snowstorms, rainstorms, windstorms, sandstorms, and firestorms. Some are fierce and others are small. You have to deal with each one separately, but you need to keep an eye on what’s brewing for tomorrow.” - Maria C. Snyder, Fire Study "