14 January 2012

As queen of the mountain, here is what I did survey - plus a bright blue ice fishing hut further off to the left.

13 January 2012

Stump, Lake Como, Darby, Montana

Weathered stumps show up as the water recedes every fall.  As I climbed a little hill, this one was presented to good advantage.

12 January 2012

Winter Sunset, Lake Como, Darby, Montana

From my macro focus on the water's edge, the shoreline directed my eyes to a fledgling sunset.

11 January 2012

Winter at Lake Como, Darby, Montana

Getting off work earlier these days, I used the extra daylight hour to speed South to Lake Como, near Darby, Montana - not the version in Italy.  It was so peaceful & starkly beautiful.  I'll finish out the week with shots of the lake.
After parking at the boat ramp, I walked down toward the water, where the lacy edge caught my eye.
It's an intimate contrast to the recent Big Sky majesty a la Ivan Doig.

10 January 2012

Majestic Silence, Glacier National Park, Montana

“How could there be so much silence? How could the invisible ligaments that bound the sky to the earth not creak in intense effort as least once in a while?”
- Ivan Doig, “Dancing At the Rascal Fair”, p. 334

09 January 2012

Elbow Room, Glacier National Park, Montana

“Benchland and tableland countless times larger than the jumbled ridge behind us, elbow room for the spirit.”
- Ivan Doig, “Dancing At the Rascal Fair”, p. 47

08 January 2012

Meadow View, Glacier National Park, Montana

“Our town can’t be that far.”
“This is Montana, remember. You could put all of Scotland in the watch pocket of this place.”
- Ivan Doig, “Dancing At the Rascal Fair”, p. 46