24 December 2011

Looking South from the "M", Missoula, Montana

If you ever get to Missoula, be sure to pack a water bottle & hike up to the “M” above the University of Montana. The continually changing views are worth any anguishing reminder that you used to be more in shape.
On the early fall day pictured above, forest fires still hazed the mountain ranges all the way down the Bitterroot Valley. Which brings me to another thing for which to be thankful during the winter: we’re not breathing smoke from local forest fires.

23 December 2011

Cluck Cluck Deuce

Bluebell & Love Bug enjoyed a fine winter day from the safety of their mobile coop outside Yellow Seahorse Recording Studio, Corvallis MT. They were kind enough to pause & give me the hairy eyeball. (But even kinder to send me home with fresh eggs!)

22 December 2011

Heading Home for Christmas

Yes, the title's a little nostalgic, & you're prob'ly humming along with Bing Crosby by now.... railroad tracks heading off to whatever waits around the bend have been known to bring on a fit of wistfulness.

21 December 2011

Little Box of Sunshine

Hooray!  Starting today, we'll have a little more daylight every day! 
To tide you over until there's a noticeable difference, here's a little box of sunshine - just what the doctor ordered!
I captured it in my backyard this past summer & saved it for you.... kinda like Bill Cosby's snowball he saved in the freezer for Juniour Barnes... but nicer.

20 December 2011

Mill Creek, Bitterroot Valley, Montana

Whenever I hike the trail along Mill Creek, it never fails that I tell myself, "Self, you should do this more often."  Firstly, because it's pretty easy for the first 20-30 minutes, which gets you back to the horse bridge, which I consider a slightly fascinating destination. And secondly, because you walk along the creek most of the way and the sound & sight of it never fail to calm me & put things into clear perspective.

19 December 2011

Bitterroot River Autumn Path

There is beauty at every bend of the Bitterroot River. As I traipsed along time-worn paths late this fall, I thought of my nephews who would visit every summer and spend hours trekking the river paths, outfitted with fishing poles and optimism. They’d return with scratches and bug bites - and huge smiles to go with tales of that day’s adventures.

18 December 2011

Working Days Are Over

After decades of wind & weather, it's amazing that this old truck is still hanging on to its last parking spot.  To see an amazing collection of old truck & car photos, take a jaunt to Memory Lane & stroll through John's collection.